Amelia's mom reached out to me after she was born. She needed a newborn photographer quick! Amelia was already a month old and the time was slipping away. I was more than thrilled that I was able to get her in for a session with me!

For one month, Amelia did amazing! Newborn sessions are typically done before three weeks of age because babies become more alert, less curly, and can develop baby acne and/or stomach troubles. In the end, it's about the individual baby. As you can see, Amelia was awake for a bit, but then went right to sleep and let me get some pretty darn cute photos of her.

Mom requested neutrals with shades of pink and/or lavender. She had some major cheeks, which I am always a fan of. Also, that bottom pouty lip was insanely adorable. Check out my favorites from her session below.